Popular Questions

Can I rent more than one bike at a time?

You may only rent one bike at a time in the Pace app. We know riding is more fun with company, and encourage family and friends to register on the app to ride alongside.

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What if there are no available spots at a Pace bike rack to park my bike?

If you have trouble finding an available spot at a Pace bike rack, our system also allows you to lock at public bike racks marked on the map for no additional charge. In order to cover the cost of retrieving bikes, some Pace locations may require an additional fee if you do not end your ride at a rack marked on the map.

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Are helmets required to ride with Pace?

We recommend that riders follow all applicable laws regarding helmets and other safety equipment in the areas that they ride.

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Where can I leave my bike when I’m done riding?

Pace bikes can be parked at a Pace bike rack or any public bike rack or any public rack.

Some Pace locations may require a fee of $2.00 for ending a ride away from a marked Pace or public rack. When you end your ride, you will have the option of accepting this charge or continuing your ride.

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How long can I keep a bike during a single rental?

You may rent a bike for up to 24 hours at a time. Rental cost is based on
half-hour ride increments.

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Can I reserve a bike in advance?

Bikes cannot be reserved ahead of time. Please check the app for live bike availability information. You can press the “Refresh” symbol on our map screen to get the most current information.

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I don’t have a smartphone. Can I use Pace?

Currently, Pace is only available to smartphone users to allow for Bluetooth unlocking capabilities. We are working on our technology to allow non-smartphone users to rent bikes. The free Pace app is available for download on both Android and iOS systems.

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Pace Accounts and Pricing

How do I pay for my ride?

Simply enter your credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay information into the app and purchase credits you can use for future rides.

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How do I close my Pace account?

Our Rider Services team is happy to help you close your account at any time. Please reach out to us via “Support” in the mobile app to let us know you’d like to close your account.

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Can the whole family use Pace?

Pace riders must be at least 18 years of age. If you’re looking for a way to ride with younger riders, we encourage bringing their bikes along or renting from a daily rental bike shop.

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Am I financially responsible for the bike while I have it checked out?

Yes. As detailed in the Rider Agreement, you are responsible for your bike while it is checked out on your account. Should something happen to the bicycle during your rental, your account will be charged accordingly.

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Can I let someone else use my Pace account?

No. You are responsible for any bike checked out under your account, as detailed in the Rider Agreement. Allowing others to use your account may result in suspension or termination of your account and you will also be responsible for any charges and/or damages incurred. Please encourage family and friends to register on the app to ride ride with Pace.

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Can I pay for Pace with cash?

Yes you can! We offer multiple options for cash payment. You can sign up for cash payments by calling 833-321-PACE or emailing us at support@ridepace.com. Once your access is confirmed you will be able to login at ridepace.com and see a barcode that is linked to your account. This barcode can be scanned at any CVS/pharmacy, 7-Eleven, or Family Dollar location along with a cash payment of your desired amount and the balance will be added to your Pace Wallet within the app. Using your Pace Wallet Credits you will now be able to pay for rides!

Additionally if you have a PayPal account you can use PayPal Cash to add a cash balance to your PayPal account and then pay for Pace using PayPal as your payment method. For more detail instructions please visit here

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Subscription Plans

What is a Pace subscription plan?

A subscription plan in Pace allows you as a rider to take an unlimited number of 30 minute rides for a single monthly fee of $10.00, or an annual fee of $60.00. Rides that are over 1 hour in length will require payment above the monthly subscription fee and will be charged at a $1 per 15 minute rate.

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Can I use wallet credits to pay for my Pace subscription plan?

Yes! If you have wallet credits when your subscription renews, they will automatically be used towards your subscription.

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Are there any discounts for being a student in a Pace bike share?

Yes there are! As a student with a valid .edu email address you are eligible for a 50% off discount on a monthly subscription plan. You’ll be able to take unlimited 30 minute rides for the low monthly rate of $4.99!

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Does Pace offer any discounts to EBT cardholders?

We do! EBT Cardholders are eligible for a special $5 monthly subscription plan rate when they apply online here and provide proof of their EBT status. This is a great way for eligible riders to use the Pace service at a more affordable cost!

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How can I ensure the bike is locked?

First, check the orange tab on the ring lock above the rear wheel and make sure it is in the down position securing the rear wheel. Second, confirm that the security cable is inserted into the opening at the top of the ring lock. Give it a little tug to make sure it is secure. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call 24/7 at 833-321-PACE.

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I biked outside the city limits. How do I lock my bike?

If you have gone outside of the Pace service area, you will need to keep your rental active and ride the bike back inside of city limits to secure your bike. Our map inside the app clarifies the service area, and can help guide you back to an acceptable locking place. We will charge a collection fee for any Bikes outside the service area that are recovered by our field team.

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What should I do if I find an abandoned bike?

What should I do if I find an abandoned bike? If you find a Pace bike abandoned (not locked at a Pace bike rack or to a public bike rack), please report it by following the Submit Support Request button at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include the bike number and a detailed description of the bike location. Pace is a community program and we appreciate your help ensuring that bikes are available for everyone.

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What if my bike is lost or stolen?

Please email support@ridepace.com, or call us at 833-321-PACE as soon as possible in the event of any potential loss or theft of Pace bikes. Your account may be charged for the cost of recovery or the full cost to replace the bike depending on the circumstances of the loss or theft. Please note, you must contact Pace within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your Pace bike.

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What is your support phone number?

Pace App

What are the different icons on the map?

Pace Bike Racks

A Pace rack with cables attached. Clicking on the icon will show you the number of available Bikes and parking spots at that rack.

Public Bike Racks

A non-Pace rack where you can end your ride with the on-bike cable.

Parked Bikes

A bike parked at a non-Pace rack that is available for rentals.

Promoted Racks

A promotion is happening here! It can be anything from a discount at a local shop, to a special event happening at a specific bike rack. You can click on the icon to get more details.

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How do I make a mid-ride stop?

It’s easy on the Pace system to make a stop to run errands or grab coffee. Find a bike rack and press "Prepare to lock bike" in the mobile app. From there press "Hold Bike" to keep your rental active and engage the ring lock (no other riders will be able to access the bike). Push the orange tab down, and pull out the on-bike docking cable to wrap around the rack and insert into the opening at the top of the ring lock. When you’re ready to ride again, just press "Unlock" to release the ring lock and continue riding.

Some Pace locations may require $2.00 fee for ending a ride away from a marked Pace or public rack. When you end your ride, you will have the option of accepting this charge or continuing your ride.

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How do I end a ride?

Return to a Pace bike rack and lock to an open spot, or lock to any public bike rack, and then select "Prepare to Lock Bike" in the app. This will then prompt you to lock your bike and you’ll be all set to press "End Rental" to confirm you would like to end the rental.

Some Pace locations may require $2.00 fee for ending a ride away from a marked Pace or public rack. When you end your ride, you will have the option of accepting this charge or continuing your ride.

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Where can I rent a bike?

Available bikes are shown in the app. Bikes may be available at a Pace bike rack or from a public bike rack. Please check the map in the app to find the most convenient bike for your ride.

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How do I ride safely?

Whether you’re new to biking, or feeling a little vulnerable on city streets, here’s some helpful tips to make your ride smoother:

  • Check your bike - test the brakes, check the wheels, and adjust the seat to your height. Find anything wrong? Let us know here, and we’ll fix it stat.

  • Plan your route - see if there are dedicated lanes or bike paths available to get where you’re going before you start.

  • Find somebody to ride with - Safety in numbers, and with lots of Pace Bikes around, have a friend come along on your journey.

  • Follow the rules of the road - Bike in the direction of traffic, and obey traffic lights. Giving signals to others on the road when making a turn can go a long way to keep you safe.

  • Have fun! - While city cycling should be approached with the same amount of precaution that any form of transportation should, it shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Cycling is safe, healthy and importantly, fun!

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Will the bikes fit me?

We strive to provide a bike that can be operated safely by as many of our customers as possible. Our bikes have an adjustable seat height and are designed to fit most riders between the heights of 5’2” and 6’2” weighing up to 250 lbs.

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How old do I have to be to ride?
What if I’m involved in a crash?

If anyone is injured, call 911. Contact us at 833-321-PACE within 24 hours to report the crash. We’ll email you an internal Incident Report that you’ll need to complete with details about what happened. If the police are not yet involved in the incident, we may also need you to contact your local police department to report the crash.

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Still need help? Contact Support.